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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Yeti: Agent of Boll. The Quest for passengers

* A note. For Yeti fans, this is a bit of a switch and a little more personal than usual.. but you'll just have to deal.


I came to this fine conclusion sometime in the last week or so. I'm not sure what did it, I know I can credit some of my old friends who stuck by me, some new friends who saw potential and kicked me in the ass, and one in particular who awakednd some feelings in me that I hadn't realized had been dormant for a long time. A big thanks to all of you..

BUT.. in Yeti fashion this is not going to be a huggy love fest about how I'm all better now. It's going to be a fucking RANT!!!

I looked over at my passenger seat today and noticed it was empty. Well, not empty, there were glasses, cd's, a book, some used kleenex, and an Ice Tea sitting there, but there was noBODY there. Sure it was 10pm. Sure it was a Tuesday night. The music was blasting, the stars were shining, the wind was blowing, but for some reason I coudln't find a single person to fill the seat next to me.

I tried, but I got the usual run of excuses. Sick, tired, work tomorrow, and on and on. Could someone tell me when the people in the world stop enjoying the simple things like a long drive some car CD player kareokie and nowhere as the destionation on a warm night? When did this "adult" shit thing take over and chase away the simple pleasures that were enjoyed when we were kids?

Is it work or women? Is it bills or credit cards? Is it student loans or mortgages? I don't know. The fact that I got caught up in this mire myself makes me not the one to answer these questions. I do know that I was a part of it and for that I'm truely sorry.

Jason said to me today that we need to revive the old memores. FUCK That.. we need to make NEW memories. The old ones are wonderful to have around, but it's time to augment them with more!!! Why is it so hard?

I'm not a live for the moment type person. I consider myself moderatly irresponsible. I'm not talking about throwing caution to the wind, I'm talking about remembering the simple things and enjoying the time that we are given on this silly blue and green ball. Is there something about life that slowly drains this simple fun away from us? Wish I knew the answer.

Master Yoda said that "Once you begin down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny"

Well Master Yoda, I've been to the Tree. I took my blaster and light saber with me and I felt the hate anger and fear of the darkside. I made my way back.. and I think I'm mostly intact.

So.. any of you who would like to fill the passenger seat, I hope you don't mind some off key singing to CD's, it appears I can't hit the high notes like I used to be able to. But I'd love to have you along to enjoy the ride. I hate being in a good mood all alone.
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