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Thursday, November 11, 2004

And One Rant to Christen Them All


For those of you that don't know me.. welcome to my rant site.

I've been toying with the idea of a rant site for some time now, and well, since I'm broke and lazy, this is the second best thing to a site of my own.

So what shall the Yeti christen his site with?

Why a Hockey rant! Bare with me, I'll get to hockey eventually.. really I will.

So, being a happy paycheck to paycheck Yeti, yesterday I decide to take out my last $20 to buy some Yeti snacks until payday on Monday. Yet what does my good buddy Mac say to me when I ask him for money? "DENIED. You owe ME money buddy!" Nothing worse than a negative balance with the weekend staring you down.

What the hell I say to myself. Going home, I check online to see what has gone horribly wrong and what do I find? Yes, the Lemieux group has decided to charge me for season tickets yet again this month!! Last time I checked the NHL isn't even TALKING to the NHLPA. As a matter of fact, most of those asshole players are off in Europe playing hockey and ignoring the fact that their fans, who scrimp and save to make season ticket payments to SUPPORT their asses, are languishing without hockey!

Okay, maybe languishing is a harsh term, but being a sports fan and NOT a football fan is hard enough in Pittsburgh, home of the famous and annoying Yinzer. Being a BASEBALL and HOCKEY fan in this town is downright painful when considering sports talk show is nothing more than a glorified Steelers and Pitt football show. Having insult added to injury is just unacceptable though.

How does the Penguins organization justify still charging it's fans for tickets they are never going to see is what I want to know?

I just read an article where the Red Wings are paying their season ticket holders back each month WITH INTEREST!

Small markets aside, I'm not asking for interest back or anything, I think it's time that the NHL sucked it up and realized that Prima Donna players just don't get it that their salaries are too high and this season of the NHL is a wash. Don't these morons realize that without the fans to watch them, they HAVE no million dollar paychecks? It's depressing to realize that in order for me to make what Jagr makes in one year, I'd have to live to the rip old age of 400!!!!

As a fan, I'm willing to deal with no hockey. It sucks, it's boring, and I don't have anything to listen to on the radio, but I'll deal so the league as a whole gets better. I'm willing to support the owners who are just trying to make the league a better place for the fans. As a customer of the Penguins organization I'm really disappointed that they don't have better customer service. They should have my interestes in mind and realize that charging me for tickets that I'm not getting, while in June and July was acceptable, is NOT acceptable in November when I'm being bombarded with tales of the Picksburg Stillers and their stooperbowl run instead of hearing about Lemiux getting 5 points in a game and Fleury pitching a shutout!

Ah.. But customer service is yet another rant for another day.

Dude, that is just PAINFULLY wrong!
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